Beautiful gardens brought to life

A garden can’t be perfect unless the overall design works for all of its users, old, young and just visiting. When you need someone to talk that through – we are here.

Your garden needs to be treated with as much thought and attention to detail as your house does.


Over 30 years experience

Over 30 years of landscaping experience enables us to understand all the options. Of course, we can give you a new drive, path, garage or garden building in the meantime but when it comes to planning your garden and transforming all sorts of existing spaces, we have an award-winning team ready for you.

For more detailed discussion Steve Bentley has a large portfolio of our work that he will bring to site when he comes to meet you. It’s his company and he is rightly proud of its achievements, as the testimonials will prove.

Getting the right balance

Hard landscaping can be the key to making the space work but effective planting is also essential.

It takes years of experience to know how to balance shapes and colours in the garden, and to be able to source the right plants for the right spaces – Linda Munday is our inspiring designer with the information at her finger tips.

Add a water feature to an existing scheme or add the magic sounds and shapes of water to your brief for the next transformation.

Dining ‘al fresco’ needs careful consideration in our complex climate, another task for experience landscapers.

Permanent features need to be just that and Archley’s reputation has been built on ‘doing it properly’. We put in the correct bases, lock our sleepers, lay only the best turf and use well-protected wood – guaranteeing the result.

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