Our new garden design service

Archley Landscape Solutions are pleased to announce our new Garden Design Service. We have taken our design capabilities a step further, now being able to produce accurately scaled 3D drawings of projects of all shapes and sizes.
The process is simple…


We’ll set a time to meet and discuss your vision.

During our garden/driveway design consultation, we’ll discuss your ideas and budget, explore how you want to use your garden and its style, and review any material you have for inspiration. We’ll also assess your garden’s design potential, including its views, levels, and access. 

Constructing your vision

Using measurements we took from our original meeting and the latest technology in building/rendering software, we can create stunning visuals showing the potential your spaces have. We try to suggest the best products possible to satisfy your vision.

Keeping you involved in the project

We keep you updated with stills of the ongoing project, making sure you’re satisfied with certain element of the design.This gives you an opportunity to dictate the design.

Your design

Once perfected, the drawing can be converted into a walkthrough-style movie, showcasing every aspect of your project.

You will also receive scale plans of your project​.

Not local? No problem!

It is possible for us to re-design your garden remotely. We want to be able to create stunning designs all over the world. You will need to supply us with a basic plan of the space you want redesigning, accompanied by photos from as many different angles as possible. The more information you can supply us with, the better.

Please click here to download our guide of how to measure your garden accurately.

This service gives you the opportunity to experience your new project before any work commences. Being in the know is crucial when it comes to your landscape project, especially when it comes to cost. We’re able to give you a detailed breakdown of the costs for your project, and several different pricing options based on the amount of work you require. Upon request, we can show you how different products will influence your project. 

Take a look for yourself…

Have a look of what our drawings have helped to achieve already… 

What we aim to deliver:

  • A unique and imaginative garden design tailored to align seamlessly with your your personal preferences, needs and lifestyle.
  • A personalised approach to each project, considering your specific needs, budget, and timeline. We like to keep you involved in the design process, ensuring your vision is realised while also offering expert suggestions and solutions.
  • A 3D production of your project, showcasing every aspect of the newly proposed design.
  • A scaled hard copy of your new design, which can be given to contractors to fulfil the job.

Contact us

To discuss a project please call or email us we will get back to you asap.

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